Questions and answers related to our Sedation Competency Simulator

Possible Installation Issues:

The below issues are possible issues related to the installation of the Moderate Sedation Competancy Simulator.

Avast Antivirus:

Avast Anti Virus Sandbox may pop up and show a warning of the program being potentially unsafe because it the Moderate Sedation Compectensy Training Simulators “reputation is low” 

Wait for the sandbox to check the program it. Avast Sandbox will prompt you that the program is probably OK (and it is). You may then proceed with the install.  The reason for the warning is the program is new and Avast is basically trying to tell you “Dunno never seen it, so let me check it out.” Once it checks the Simulator Program it’s basically saying “Checked out OK but I haven’t heard of it, proceed at your own risk”.

Internet Explorer 8 and 9:

Depending on your security settings Internet Explorer may give you a warning

“To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this page from running scripts ot ActiveX controls that may harm your computer” Click here for Options (or something to that effect.)

Click in the yellow bar and then click “Allow Blocked Content” when it comes up.

Then on the next box that pops up “Are you sure you want to allow the blocked content” click “Yes”. Then the Simulator will open.

SilverLight installed but program still says SilverLight needs to be installed.

If this is happening Google Chrome is probably your default browser.

The fix is in these steps with a video walk through

1. Go to your desktop

2. Find the “Moderate Sedation Simulator Icon”

3. Hover over the icon and right click

4. In the drop down list click on “Open With” then choose “Internet Explorer”

5. When the Simulator opens up click “Allow Blocked Content” at the bottom

6. If you are asked to make Internet Explorer your default browser click “No”

7. Start having fun (seriously it is pretty fun)


If you are having an issue with the Simulator

and you do not see a resolution here please


With the title: Sim support

Please list your operating system and the Internet browser you are using.